David Hasselhoff – 30 (2017)

Kategorie: Alben
Genre: Pop
Erscheinungsjahr: 2017
Format: MP3
Bitrate: 320kbs
Hoster: Share-Online.biz
Tracks: 30
Größe: 285 MB
Passwort: SoundLoad



01. Looking For Freedom (New Hit Version)
02. Crazy For You (New Hit Version)
03. Let’s Dance Tonight (New Hit Version)
04. Do The Limbo Dance (New Hit Version)
05. Je t’aime Means I Love You (New Hit Version)
06. Voulez vous coucher avec moi (Jonny Nevs Groove Remix)
07. Hands Up For Rock’n Roll (Al Winter FrenchStyle Remix)
08. Amore Amore (De Lancaster 2K17 Mix)
09. Let’s Dance Tonight (Fosco’s Club Remix Edit)
10. Passion (Jonny Nevs Remix)
11. Do The Limbo Dance (Jonny Nevs Remix)
12. Crazy For You (De Lancaster Mix)
13. Song Of The Night (Fosco’s Disco Remix Edit)
14. In Stereo (Al Winter DeepDisco Remix)
15. Looking For Freedom (Fosco’s Party Remix Edit)
16. Looking For Freedom
17. Is Everybody Happy (US Remix)
18. I Wanna Move To The Beach Of Your Heart
19. Everybody Sunshine
20. Crazy For You
21. Hands Up For Rock’n Roll (Long Version)
22. Do The Limbo Dance
23. Flying On The Wings Of Tenderness
24. Gipsy Girl
25. Casablanca
26. Torero – Te quiero
27. Amore Amore
28. Song Of The Night (Long Version)
29. Let’s Dance Tonight
30. Freedom For The World (Long Version)

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